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Interactive Games and Experiments for Learning Economics and Business

MobLab's mobile-friendly teaching platform builds higher level decision making while actively engaging students.

A Mobile Lab

Students participate using their own mobile device or laptop, turning the classroom into a lab. Data, statistics, graphs, and payoff scoreboard are all available in real-time, creating memorable lessons that drive home key learning objectives.

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Track Participation

Easily take attendance within MobLab.

Attendance is run using our two-factor authentication code-based system. Instructors launch attendance from the instructor console and students mark themselves as present by entering the real-time attendance code.


Customizable In-class or Online Play

Schedule Experiments & Surveys

All games come with a rich set of parameters to allow instructors to easily create configurations that match their lesson plan specifically

Gauge learning with our simple and flexible survey/polling tool

Scalable, robust network technology and game play setup allow instructors to create in-classroom activities as well as online experimental sessions to let students play from anywhere at anytime asynchronously.

MobLab Instructor Dashboard, Scheduling on Dashboard