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Teaching online just got easier! Schedule games, surveys, & quizzes for students to complete as online assignments outside of class.

MobLab Education Console

Classes that use games and experiments are more effective because students EXPERIENCE the lessons first-hand! Setting up interactive experiments by hand is labor and time intensive for instructors, but MobLab can do it easily and quickly for thousands of students simultaneously. MobLab’s games and surveys can be used to teach economic principles, social sciences, and more!

MobLab example game screen on mobile device

Take Class Attendance

Secure and intuitive, for classroom or online

Attendance is run using our two-factor authentication code-based system. Instructors launch attendance from the instructor console and students mark themselves as present by entering the real-time attendance code.

Teacher Testimonials

Customizable In-class or Online Play

Configure Games & Surveys

Easily set up and run any of MobLab’s 60+ games with unlimited use and configurable sessions for a unique experience each time

Gauge student learning with our simple yet flexible surveying tool that embeds videos and images to your questions with multiple choice, fill in, and rating scale responses

Scalable technology and game play set up for instructors to create real-time or asynchronously activities for tens or thousands of student

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