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Game Map - Acemoglu, Laibson & List: EconomicsGame Map - Arnold: EconomicsGame Map - Baumol & Blinder: EconomicsGame Map - Behavioral EconomicsGame Map - Chiang: CoreEconomicsGame Map - Cowen & Tabarrok: Modern Principles of EconomicsGame Map - Environmental EconomicsGame Map - Experimental EconomicsGame Map - Feenstra & Taylor: International TradeGame Map - Frank, Bernanke, Antonovics & Heffetz: Principles of EconomicsGame Map - Frank: Microeconomics and BehaviorGame Map - Game TheoryGame Map - Goolsbee, Levitt & Syverson: MicroeconomicsGame Map - Gruber: Public Finance and Public PolicyGame Map - Gwartney, Stroup, Sobel, & MacPhearson: Microeconomics: Private and Public ChoiceGame Map - Gwartney, Stroup, Sobel & MacPhearson: Private and Public ChoiceGame Map - Harrington: Games, Strategies and Decision MakingGame Map - Hubbard & O’Brien: EconomicsGame Map - Industrial OrganizationGame Map - Intermediate MicroeconomicsGame Map - Karlan & Morduch: EconomicsGame Map - Krugman & Wells: EconomicsGame Map - Management: Organizational BehaviorGame Map - Managerial EconomicsGame Map - Mankiw: Principles of EconomicsGame Map - Mateer & Coppock: Principles of EconomicsGame Map - McConnell, Brue, Flynn: Economics: Principles, Problems, & Policies EconomicsGame Map - Money and BankingGame Map - Nicholson & Snyder: Intermediate MicroeconomicsGame Map - O’Sullivan, Sheffrin & Perez: EconomicsGame Map - Pindyck & Rubinfeld: MicroeconomicsGame Map - Principles of MacroeconomicsGame Map - Principles of MicroeconomicsGame Map - Public EconomicsGame Map - Samuelson & Marks: Managerial EconomicsGame Map - Schiller & Gebhardt: The Economy TodayGame Map - Sports EconomicsGame Map - The Economy by CoreEconGame Map - Tucker: Economics for TodayGame Map - Tucker: Survey of EconomicsGame Map - Varian: Intermediate MicroeconomicsAsset Market (Bubbles & Crashes)Battle of the SexesBeer GameCommons: FisheryComparative AdvantageCompetitive Market (Continuous Double Auction)Externalities w/Policy Interventions(Keynesian) Beauty ContestLemon Market BuyerMarket for LemonsMinimum EffortPrice DiscriminationPush and Pull (Prisoner’s Dilemma)Rock, Paper, ScissorsSimple Labor MarketTragedy of the CommonsUltimatum: Strategy Method
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Andrew Nikou Foundation Partners with and Invests in MobLabTitleMoblab-Xiamen University ExperimentYou Asked, We Answered: Competitive Market Game终端用户许可协议隐私政策使用条款Introducing our Consumer Choice GameNew! Comparative Advantage Module Debuts in Online AssignmentsCompetitive Market: UpdatesConversations with Educators: Bob GazzaleConversations with Educators: David MillerConversations with Educators: Kelvin WongConversations with Educators: Kevin McCabeConversations with Educators: Noah BacineConversations with Educators: Sam LeplerConversations with Educators: Tim SalmonConversations with Educators: Daniel Cisnerostitle Jackie Edwards on Mobile Game Design as a CareerIntroducing: Video Embedding in Surveys!Conversations with Educators: John DuffyBeauty is in the Eye of Another Beholder: The Guessing GameA Year of Collaboration: MobLab in Kellogg School of ManagementPublished in Nature Human Behaviour: Insights from 2,000+ MobLab ExperimentsMobLab's Two Candidate Election GameWhy You Must Play Our New Kagel-Roth Matching GameBringing Crisis into the ClassroomThe Games Played ‘Round the WorldProduction Entry/Exit GamePublic GoodsA Student's Perspective: Intern EditionTeaching Tips: Using MobLab in the ClassroomThar She Blows! Bubbles and Crashes with our Asset MarketHey! That's not fair ... Using the Ultimatum Game to Discuss Fairness, Rationality and Norms of BehaviorYou Asked, We Answered: When to play MobLab gamesWhy Our Games?Livin’ the Mug Life: Introducing the Beer GameConversations with Educators: Andrew KashdanPublished in PLOS ONE: Large multi-game economic experiments using MobLabMobLab in Principles of Micro CoursesMobLab in Managerial Economics and Organizational BehaviorNew! Cooperate or Defect in MobLab Prisoner's Dilemma Online AssignmentsMobLab in Industrial Organization CoursesMobLab for Political Science CoursesMobLab Surveys in Live ClassesMobLab Surveys Outside of ClassCompetitive Market: A Narrative ApproachHow Biased Are You?The Winner's Curse Teaching with MobLab Using MindTapTake Finance Education To The Next Level With MobLab Domo Arigato, Mr. RobotoBefore You Play: Comparative Advantage GameNow That’s A Bargain… Ultimatum & DictatorIs your money safe?
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