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When students learn biology, physics, or even psychology, they often do so through experiments. Students personally explore and discover the inner workings of concepts to connect experiences, ideas, and theories. Experimentation, after all, is at the heart of human discovery! Why then haven’t experiments been an option for studying economics, business strategy, or the social sciences in general?

We decided a new kind of laboratory was needed that allowed the social and economic worlds to be explored in the same way the sciences are. Students participate using their preferred devices and the classroom becomes the lab.

Led by founders from Caltech, we have built the most popular social science lab in the world and have empowered hundreds of thousands of students to learn by playing.

We didn’t stop there. In the past few years, the team has expanded the applications of its rich portfolio of behavioral games to include other areas such as personal quality assessment and financial empowerment.

Great team
Our Leadership
Walter Yuan
CEO, Co-Founder
Matt Jackson
Chief Scientific Advisor
Stephanie Wang
Co-Founder, Senior Economist
Patrick Burke
Economist, Director of Sales
Nathanael Berger
Economist, Director of Customer Success
Celine Lin
Director of Products
Howard Chen
Technical Product Director
Kevin Zeng
GM of Asia Pacific Region
David Hung
Economist, Director of APAC Sales
Howie Chien
Data Scientist, Product Manager
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Colin Camerer
Senior Advisor for Behavioral Economics
John Duffy
Senior Advisor for Experimental Economics
Qiaozhu Mei
Senior Advisor for Generative AI
Thomas Palfrey
Senior Scientific Advisor
Al Roth
Senior Scientific Advisor
Board of Directors
Walter Yuan
CEO, Co-Founder
John Ledyard
Senior Scientific Advisor, Institutional Relations
Mingyi Chai
Head of Corporate Development and Strategic Planning, New Oriental Education and Technology Group
Max Yao
CEO, Focused Photonics Inc.
Learn Capital
AI List Capital
New Oriental Education & Technology Group