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MobLab Interactive Experiments for Cengage MindTap
Teaching Economics with MobLab Using Cengage MindTap
See how easy it is to use MobLab in Cengage MindTap online learning platform!
Meteors about to hit homes
New! Online Assignment: Insurance Market
MobLab's Popular Insurance Market Game is now an Online Assignment!
Scooter from MobLab's Cournot game with a clock
When to Play MobLab Games
Play before or after an economics lesson?
A Playground for Decisions
MobLab economics games and simulations offer a simple and fun solution for teachers to guide students through abstract theories and make them resonate.
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Classes that use games and experiments are more effective because students EXPERIENCE what they’re learning! Explore any of our 60+ games and simulations to pair with your lessons in economics, social science, business, strategic thinking, and more!
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Immerse your students in an active learning experience composed of quizzes, video instructions, memorable econ games, and reflection surveys. Use our expert-built Modules or build your own!

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LMS Integration
Our built-in gradebook and roster easily syncs with Blackboard and Canvas.
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