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Transforming Economics Education with Interactive Classroom Experiments: The Role of MobLab Games
Published by MobLab a year ago
Classroom experiments are a powerful tool for improving student engagement and retention in economics education.
Teach price discrimination and monopoly with MobLab's Price Discrimination game.
The Price of Health: How MobLab's Monopoly Game Helps Students Understand Price Discrimination
Teach price discrimination and monopoly with MobLab's Price Discrimination game.
Conversations with Educators: Brianna Halladay
We caught up with Trinity College economics professor, Brianna Halladay, to discuss how she uses MobLab experiments in her class!
Explain a Financial Collapse with MobLab's Bank Run Game
Discuss real world financial collapse with MobLab's Bank Run game!
What did students do in 2022?
MobLab Economics Games Classroom Stats in 2022
What did students do in MobLab economics games in 2022? Take a look at our fun classroom stats!
laptop with MobLab's loco on it and screenshots of various MobLab games around it
Set Up MobLab for Your Economics Class
Let's review some best practices to set up MobLab for your next term! Read to learn more!
In the center, people looking for jobs, on the left someone considering other options to working, on the right an employer making a job offer
MobLab's Simple Labor Market Game for Students
Today's labor market is seeing high demand for Gen Z workers. Teach students the economics of seeking (or declining) work with MobLab's Simple Labor Market game. Read on to learn more!
trucks making deliveries of beer to warehouses, demand curve shooting up, orange background
Teach supply chain economics and the bullwhip effect with MobLab
Help students understand the bullwhip effect in supply chain operations with MobLab's Beer Game!
3 doors to choose from with light bulbs on top with the middle door's bulb lit, question marks by all the doors
MobLab's Monty Hall Games and Bayesian Statistics
Introduce Bayesian statistics to students with MobLab's Monty Hall game! Read on to see whether it's a good idea to stick with your first choice or switch to another.
Chat boxes and a clock at the center, a worker descending from a plane on the right, a manager on the left
Teaching The Economics of “Quiet Quitting” & Game Theory Concepts with Minimum Effort
Quiet Quitting is all over social media and business news recently. Use MobLab's Minimum Effort game to teach students the impact of quiet quitting and how it's an example of game theory!
Meteors falling and about to hit houses, a yellow spiral on the right
Insurance Market & Asymmetric Information
Ever have to make a purchase decision without having complete information? Help students understand asymmetric information and adverse selection with this insurance market simulation!
Graph of inflation rate rising surrounded by cars, rent, food, and clothes
Understanding Interest Rates, Inflation, and Uncertainty with MobLab Games
Help students learn and understand the macroeconomic uncertainty behind inflation and interest rates by playing a MobLab game!
orange fish swimming and anchors near them
Something Fishy - Tragedy of the Commons: Fishery Game
Check out a couple tips we have for running the classic Tragedy of the Commons fishing game for your classroom!
Illustration of a man with his palm up, red pill on the left and blue pill on the right
MobLab Inside the (Prisoner’s Dilemma) Matrix
Dive deeper into the Prisoner's Dilemma rabbit hole with MobLab's pre-built matrix games. Learn how we make learning about Nash equilibrium fun and easy!
Chat box icons on top of a purple background
Resources for Teaching Economics: Ways To Encourage Students To Talk
Getting students to join in classroom discussions can be challenging, but MobLab can help! Check out some easy tips that will spark student engagement!
3 question mark ballons at the center and an alarm clock on the left
Teaching Economic Theory & The Importance of Reflection
MobLab is known for its games to help classes be more interactive, but equally important to experiential learning is reflection. Check out our tips for how to incorporate reflection for student learning with MobLab surveys.
MobLab's Competitive Market game screenshot and post game results in the center, green background
Teaching Economics Through Games With MobLab
Check out what happened when MobLab showed graduate assistants how to teach with our Competitive Market game and surveys!
Graph with a sharp spike and fall surrounded by currency and social media icons
Teaching Cryptocurrency Investing with MobLab’s Centipede Game
Talking to your students about cryptocurrency is just the start! Show them the risks of a rug pull with the MobLab Centipede game. Read this blog post to learn more!
Dotted graph increasing towards a price cap, an orange on the left of the graph, a money bag on the right of the graph, and the Online Assignment globe on the far right
New! Teaching Price Controls in Economics with MobLab Online Assignments
MobLab debuts Price Controls in Online Assignments! Using the Competitive Market game, teach how a price ceiling and a price floor impacts the market and tie this all to real world examples.