MobLab Kids Selected to the GSV Cup Elite 200
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MobLab Kids Selected to the GSV Cup Elite 200

Celine Lin

[Pasadena, California, US] (Jan 18, 2022) - MobLab Kids, a subsidiary brand of MobLab, Inc., has been selected to The Elite 200 in The GSV Cup for its innovative game-based character skills assessment and development platform to help parents gain insights into their children’s developmental progress and build bonding with their kids. The GSV Cup is powered by Google Cloud, HubSpot for Startups, HolonIQ, and GSV Ventures. 

MobLab Kids was selected from a global applicants pool and evaluated by more than 175 judges from leading venture capital firms and strategic partners in digital learning like Accel, General Atlantic, Reach Capital, and Owl Ventures, among others, used rigorous criteria to determine the 200 most promising companies in digital learning across the “Pre-K to Gray” space.

“We have learned firsthand that the character of an individual impacts all aspects of its success. Creativity, collaborations, curiosity, emotional intelligence, and persistence in the face of difficult problems are skills we call on every day. Developing strong character skills foundations at early childhood has never been more crucial,” said Walter Yuan, CEO of MobLab. “As a team, we believe that the most effective and desired early childhood technology is one that strengthens, not replaces, the relationship between caregivers and children. It should provide practical guidance and insights to help children develop holistically and, probably most important but often overlooked, be simple and fun.

The app-based assessment games leverage the latest insights from behavioral science and developmental psychology research. These games directly elicit character skills in children using short, fun, and adaptive games that are agnostic to different early childhood education systems.

To make “how to help” easy and fun for parents (and their children), MobLab Kids partners with the leading research groups whose domain expertise are in early childhood education and character skills development, including the Center for the Economics of Human Development, Character Lab, the Camerer Neuroscience group at Caltech, to integrate the latest research into step-by-step, interactive and gamified activities. 

MobLab Kids now has a library of hundreds of evidence-based, interactive training activities and creative challenges, designed to hone in on specific skills, spark creativity, cultivate intrinsic motivation, empower children to think independently and foster deeper and stronger connections between children and their parents and teachers. We soft-launched in China and are not officially available in the US yet. Stay tuned for news about MobLab Kids expanding to additional regions. In the meantime, please watch the product demo video below or contact us for a demo!

About MobLab Kids

MobLab Kids is a playground for character skill development! By playing fun and interactive games, we measure and support children’s character development both in the classroom and at home. Based on how a child plays the games, MobLab Kids recommends easy-to-follow training activities that are individually tailored to help develop and strengthen personal skills. With straightforward reports and dashboards, we provide parents and teachers with information and important insights on a child’s progress.


About MobLab

MobLab, Inc. is the EdTech leader in interactive behavioral games and their applications in education and skills assessment. The company was founded in 2011 by a pair of Caltech scientists, Stephanie Wang and Walter Yuan, based on the concept that learning through experiments—similar to what has always been done in biology, physics or even psychology—could also be applied to the study of more abstract subjects such as economics, business strategy, or the social sciences in general. The experiments, which can take the form of games, produce real-time analytics that empower teachers to engage students in data-driven discussions on how their behavior relates to theory. For more information please visit:


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