Teaching Economics with MobLab Using Cengage MindTap
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Teaching Economics with MobLab Using Cengage MindTap

Patrick Burke
Let’s face it: keeping students engaged while teaching economics can be hard. Like, really hard.

Here at MobLab, we’ve created teaching solutions in the form of short games & experiments covering a wide range of concepts to help you and your students during the semester. With a few simple clicks, you can easily add games & experiments into your Cengage MindTap learning path.

MobLab has helped many instructors and their students increase class participation, student feedback, and retention of course material. The result is a dynamic, comprehensive, and fluid educational experience. Even better, MobLab is included with Cengage MindTap at no extra cost to you, your institution, or students. Wahoo! Below is a quick-start video tutorial on how to easily use MobLab in Cengage MindTap:

Don't just take our word for it - here is Prof. Christopher Roby’s experience teaching with MobLab within Cengage MindTap.

Any of the 25 MobLab experiments in Cengage MindTap can be played in a matter of minutes, which gives instructors ample time to analyze real-time results, and dive into student generated data for insightful discussion. For example, let’s take the concept of equilibrium. To students, it may seem like nothing more than the intersection of supply & demand at first glance. Students may ask, “Where does this come from” or “What does this mean in an actual market?” Our Competitive Market game can help answer these questions.

In this game, as demonstrated below, students become buyers and sellers in a market for oranges, where they submit bids and asks. We see in the game results that student transactions quickly converge to an equilibrium price and quantity. It’s the invisible hand at work!

A sample of the Buyer’s Game Screen from the Competitive Market Game

Graphical results of the Competitive Market Game. The left shows the theoretical supply & demand curves set by the instructor; the right shows the actual student transactions that occurred in the market.

The Cengage MindTap-MobLab partnership has brought games to thousand of students in live classrooms and in asynchronous learning formats since 2019. From small seminars with five students to lecture halls with hundreds of students — spark the joy of discovery and provide a fun and interactive element to your course!

Other popular games include:

Curious how grading works with MobLab within MindTap? It’s a breeze and here’s how: MobLab-Using the Cengage Gradebook.

Want your students to experience MobLab games outside of lecture time? We’ve got you covered and here’s how it works: MobLab-MindTap for Online Classes.

We look forward to helping you and your students discover the fun in economics together. Questions or want to learn more? Schedule a demo with us! Happy Educating!