Our Story

When students learn biology, physics or even psychology, they often do experiments. They explore and discover first hand the inner workings of things. Why hasn’t this been the case for studying economics, management or the social sciences in general?

To us, what was missing was a new kind of laboratory because the social world cannot be explored with old equipment.

This lab needs to connect thousands of students simultaneously. This lab needs to handle repeated interactions timely and efficiently. This lab needs to help the students relate their experience to theory with carefully designed user interfaces and narratives. This lab needs to provide content including teaching plans, data annotations and student notes to help make adoption easy.

Led by founders from Caltech, we set out to build this lab.

Matt Jackson talks about the importance of MobLab


Kelvin Wong
Kelvin WongEconomist

Arizona State University

Po-Hsuan Lin
Po-Hsuan LinData Analyst Intern

Jeff Stehney
Jeff StehneyCreative Director

Dongwu Wang
Dongwu WangData Scientist

Patrick Burke
Patrick BurkeBusiness Development Manager

Celine Lin
Celine LinInternational Marketing Manager

Stephanie Wang
Stephanie WangCo-Founder, Evangelist, and Economist

University of Pittsburgh

Helen Ren
Helen RenQA Engineer

Nathanael Berger
Nathanael BergerCustomer Success Economist

Si-Yuan Kong
Si-Yuan KongProduct Manager

Lisa Jackson
Lisa JacksonCognitive Psychologist

Walter Yuan
Walter YuanCEO, Co-Founder

Crystal Wang
Crystal WangBusiness Data Analyst

Aaron Nussbaum
Aaron NussbaumUX Design Lead / Full Stack Engineer

John Krause
John KrauseLead Mobile Engineer

Rachel Bodsky
Rachel BodskyDirector of Customer Success

Xuanbai Zhu
Xuanbai ZhuInternationalization Intern

Chang Liu
Chang LiuMobile Engineer

Caleb Lin
Caleb LinFull Stack Engineer

Richard Ho
Richard HoCTO

Robert Gazzale
Robert GazzaleEconomist

Associate Professor (Teaching Stream), University of Toronto

Matt Jackson
Matt JacksonChief Scientific Advisor

William D.Ebele Professor of Economics, Stanford

I-Hui Huang
I-Hui HuangData Engineer

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Thomas PalfreySenior Scientific Advisor
John DuffyAcademic Advisor for Experimental Macroeconomics
Qiaozhu MeiAcademic Advisor for Machine Learning
Al RothSenior Scientific Advisor

Board of Directors

John Ledyard
Mingyi ChaiHead of Corporate Development and Strategic PlanningNew Oriental Educationand Technology Group
Walter YuanCEO, Co-Founder


Learn Capital
Max Yao, CEO, Focused Photonics Inc.
Justin Chen, Partner, PacGate Law Group
AI List Capital
New Oriental Education & Technology Group