Powerfully personalized recommendationsWe use our immersive and interactive content with advanced statistical and machine learning techniques to help high school students get a head start on Major and School selection.The future just got a little clearer.

Immersive GamesBuild trait maps with immersive games instead of conventional and cognitively demanding survey questions.

Built on HistoryBacked by a large behavioral dataset MobLab has accumulated over the past 7 years.

Founded in the ClassroomOur team of academic experts focus on predictive analytics and personalized recommendations for schools and students.
Preparing the FutureAnalytics are not just assessment. We care much more on discovering impactful applications from the assessment.
Behavioral Analytics as a Service (BaaS)

EdTech companies often face the challenge of having gathered voluminous student data, (e.g. how students study, read and consume online materials) without a clear plan for distilling useful educational intelligence from it. This is where MobLab can help by offering our deep domain expertise in behavioral science, statistical analysis, machine learning, and data science. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about the BaaS we provide!

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