Comparative Advantage Principles & Concepts: New Online Module
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New! Comparative Advantage Module Debuts in Online Assignments

Phil Limberg

It can be argued that comparative advantage and opportunity cost are (two of) the most fundamental concepts in economics. Whether your students are economics majors or just studying to complete their general education, these concepts change their perception of the world from one where economics is competition centric to one where collaboration is key. Therefore, we are excited to share with you the ready-made Comparative Advantage Online Assignment. This new Online Assignment comes with learning videos, interactive games, and reflection surveys - all designed for asynchronous teaching. Simply add the module to a playlist, schedule it to run, and voilà: your students will be ready to play and learn!

High-quality Explanations of Fundamental Economics Concepts

The new Comparative Advantage Online Assignment includes two debrief videos that explain to students step-by-step the underlying trade and production dynamics of the game they just played. For a taste of how MobLab shows the benefits of trading burgers and fries, we have included a few graphs to whet your economics appetite. (Forgive us but we couldn’t let this pun pass us by.)

Ex. 1: Example content debrief

Ex. 2: Production possibilities frontier explained

Updated Robot Strategy

Additionally, we have changed the robot player strategy so that your students won't even notice that they are not playing with their classmates. The robot will help them by making offers that are within the opportunity costs of production and always strictly beneficial to the students in terms of combos of burgers and fries. Further, it will only accept trades that are mutually beneficial and thus gently guide students towards gaining from trade.

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