Let's Play Again! Using the "Repeat" Button
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Let's Play Again! Using the "Repeat" Button

Patrick Burke
MobLab games are so fun that your students will want to keep playing it! There are benefits to repeating the games an extra round or two. Student learning occurs through repetition, thus making our Repeat function incredibly valuable. Repeating a game allows you to build on students' previous game knowledge, or even tell a story through gameplay.

For example, play through a competitive market with no government interventions. Use the scoreboard to engage with students about their payoffs. After the discussion, have them play the game again except with a price floor imposed, and compare the results of the two markets. You can simply and quickly do so by using the Repeat option. I’ll show you how to do just that in the steps below.

Before a game, the right-hand side of the console shows: Open Activity, Preview Activity, Instructor Guide, Instructions and more (shown below). 

Once a game has ended, the right-hand side changes and the new buttons include: Results, Scoreboard, Download and Repeat.

If you select the "Repeat" button you're given up to five options depending on the game. Let's go down the list.
  • Random: "Let our system spin the wheel of fate." Roles, values, and group for this new game will be randomly generated.
  • Fixed: "Do it again, but better." Exactly the same, just as it was the last game.
  • Fixed Role: "You keep doing what you're doing." Same role, but different groups and values.
  • Fixed Group: "Stay with your friends." Same group, but roles and values are random.
  • Rotate Role: "The tables have turned." Fixed group/partners, but now the roles have switched along with the values. E.g., Buyers become sellers, sellers become buyers.

One more thing: replaying a game will not override the data that has already been generated and will add a new game to your playlist. Therefore, you can compare results between games side by side for an effective lesson! In the image below, the graphs on the left show the results for a competitive market. The graphs on the right show what that market looks like with a price floor of $1.25. A profound difference in outcomes due to a price floor!

Repeating games with different matching options is incredibly valuable and fun for many different topics. In particular for our Game Theory offerings!

Want to learn more? Get in touch and we would be happy to give you a personalized tour of the MobLab economics games platform.

Happy Re-Playing!