MobLab Economics Games Classroom Stats in 2022
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MobLab Economics Games Classroom Stats in 2022

Phil Limberg
As another year comes to a close, we look back and are grateful to all of our faithful users who put their trust in us. We thank those who have joined us this year as first time users and all those who have supported us throughout the years. As we continue to improve our platform and service to you, we are always grateful for all of the constructive feedback you provide us. We try to implement your suggestions to provide you a better usage experience whenever we can.

As a fun way to close out our year together, we wanted to show you some fun statistics that we found when looking through our data:

As you can see, we at MobLab care about the ecological impact that we have, our unemployment rate and how well students are able to sleep in our campus communities when robot dogs are in the neighborhood. Those are exactly the kinds of questions you, our instructors, can tackle next year by introducing private property rights to your lakes, showing the effects of unemployment insurance, and how a well-calculated Pigovian tax can reduce the metallic barking.

With that we wish you happy holidays and look forward to playing more economics games together in the new year!