Strategic Decision Making Games Online: Prisoner's Dilemma
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New! Cooperate or Defect in MobLab Prisoner's Dilemma Online Assignments

Patrick Burke

Few games in economics have risen to such heights of fame as the Prisoner’s Dilemma. This game has long fascinated researchers and students alike for its application to many different strategic real world situations and depth of data elicited from decisions. Now MobLab has turned this timeless classic into a brand-new Online Assignment. This new Online Assignment comes with learning videos, interactive games and reflection surveys - all designed for asynchronous teaching. Simply add the module to a playlist, schedule it to run and your students will be ready to play and learn!

All-In-One package to teach strategic decision making and Nash Equilibrium in economics

MobLab offers this Online Assignment as a comprehensive lecture introducing your students to the notion of economics games, strategic decision making and Nash Equilibrium as a solution concept through the example of the Prisoner’s Dilemma. To ensure that the learning loop is complete, we have included an instruction video, 3 initial rounds of one-shot interactions, a debrief video, and 3 additional rounds of one-shot interactions to apply the knowledge obtained from the debrief. Building on the concept of learning by doing, the theoretical understanding of Nash Equilibrium is thus solidified by immediately applying the acquired knowledge against our strategically acting robotic agents. In this way your students understand the fundamentals of game theoretic analysis and the (in)famous Prisoner’s Dilemma in one Online Assignment.

Ex. 1: Classic Matrix Form Prisoner’s Dilemma with “Cooperate” and “ Defect”

From the theoretical to the concrete: Using real world examples for the Prisoner’s Dilemma

After having introduced the basic theoretical notions of the Prisoner’s Dilemma, your students are ready to move from the abstract to the concrete. Whether you’d like to use the world of athletic competitions and the use of performance enhancing drugs or a more classically economic example of advertising wars, the new MobLab Prisoner’s Dilemma Online Assignment has both ready for you. That way the students can make the transfer from a (hopefully) unfamiliar environment in the interrogation room to situations that intersect more with their life experience.

  Ex. 2: Advertising competition in a matrix form Prisoner’s Dilemma           Ex. 3: Use of steroids in athletic competitions in a matrix form Prisoner’s Dilemma

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