Learning Analytics SaaS: Management Solution for Students

Personalized education at scale

MobLab Learning Analytics SaaS provides an end-to-end management solution combining assessment, analytics, and personalized interventions to help students stay on the path to academic success.
Personalized Interventions
Proactive Interventions
Every student has a distinct style of learning. Our management solution helps educators select, deliver, monitor, and evaluate personalized interventions tailored for each individual's needs.

Your Teaching Sidekick

Smart Alerts
Monitors class performance holistically and auto highlights students who may need timely guidance.
Behavioral Measures
Measures soft skills that are cornerstones of academic success, including attention control, self-control, grit, confidence, and proactivity.
Tailored Interventions
Provides personalized actionable interventions to improve students' engagement, retention, and learning outcomes.

Key Features

Performance Dashboard
Performance Dashboard
Monitor key learning metrics at-a-glance to quickly gain insights into how students are progressing academically.
Predictive Analytics
Discover causal factors, predict learning outcomes, and identify opportunities for timely intervention.
Predictive Analytics
Intervention Toolkit
Intervention Toolkit
Select from a shortlist or create customized interventions effortlessly for deployment at scale.
Help every student reach their potential
Expand your educators’ impact and make learning more engaging and personalized at scale.