Economics Games for Students: What Are MobLab's Strengths?
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Why Our Games?

Walter Yuan

What is MobLab?

MobLab brings powerful game-based learning experiences to economics, management, and all of the social sciences, by combining cutting-edge technology with an immersive user interface, an innovative teaching method, and lively learning content. With MobLab’s suite of economics games for students, instructors can setup, run, and monitor interactive games in a matter of minutes, and access the data in real time. Students can participate in games by using their smartphones, tablets, or laptop computers, either in a classroom or as part of a homework assignment.

How does MobLab work?

Instructors can get up and running with MobLab quickly. The basic steps to using MobLab in a classroom are:
    • Register for a free instructor account.
    • Create a class, add a playlist or survey to the class, and add the desired games/questions onto the playlist/survey.
    • Invite students to create their own MobLab accounts using your roster. They will automatically be added to the class created. Alternatively, they may join the instructor’s class using a unique class code.
    • When it is time to play, instructors click ‘Run Game’ on the desired game, students login, either through the MobLab app or a browser, and play!
    • Below is a quick video tutorial for instructors.

What are MobLab’s strengths?

  • It is easily accessible for students! Games run on iOS and Android mobile devices as well as in all major web browsers. Students can participate using their preferred device and can even switch devices in the middle of a game session.
  • It is efficient and easy to use! Setting up activities is simply dragging and dropping games onto a playlist. It’s ready to go. But wait - there’s more! With MobLab’s Copy Class feature, instructors can duplicate a previous playlist, making set up even easier!
  • It is configurable! Each game comes with a set of default parameters and is ready to be played with a single click. Games can also be customized, tailoring to your specific teaching plan, including robotic play, live vs asynchronous gameplay, in-game chat, and switching player roles!
  • Student data and game results are available in real-time and downloadable! No more time consuming moments of manually calculating results on your own.
  • Our customer support is top notch. MobLab’s international team of dedicated experts cover all time zones and can answer your questions or concerns within less than 24 hours. We are here for you!
Whether you’re teaching in person, online, or both, MobLab has got you covered. Would you like to learn more about MobLab’s interactive classroom games for students? Schedule a meeting with one of our team members to get started!