Memorable lessons on any topic. We’ve got you covered with MobLab Games.

A full suite of activities to engage your class with the topics you’re teaching: games, experiments, surveys, and more!

Experience econ through Games & Experiments

Classes that use games and experiments are more effective because students EXPERIENCE economics! Easily set up and run any of our 60+ games in real-time or asynchronously for tens or thousands of students.

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Create custom Surveys & Polls

Learning sticks when students PRACTICE. The flexible Poll system makes gauging students’ understanding of the targeted learning objectives seamless. Quiz, Survey, and Poll your students to find out what’s missing and what they’ve mastered.

New to games and experiments? Try our Teaching Modules

Curated content including PowerPoint slides, instructor guides, student instructions, short tutorial videos, and much more, to help make running game-based experiments easy for you and ensure students get the most out of their experience.

Manage Attendance & sync the Gradebook to your LMS

Don’t let class management hold you back from student engagement. Easily and securely take attendance, and sync class participation and grades back to your LMS with one-click.

MobLab Games is feature packed


Mobile first

Meet students where they are.



Customizable with a rich set of parameters to match your lesson plan.


In-class and online

Robust and scalable activities to let students play from anywhere at anytime.


Discussion Board

Keep students talking in and out of the classroom.


Lesson Modules

Access to pre-built lesson modules lets you easily expand your lessons.



Our built in grade book easily syncs to Blackboard and Canvas.

All for $25

per Student per Class

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