What are your students thinking? Ask them with MobLab Poll!

Get started with active learning! Run quizzes, survey students, poll your class, and conduct question-based experiments.

Flexible Surveys & Polls to Engage students in and out of class

Decades of research across multiple disciplines shows that classroom response systems improve learning outcomes! Why? Because learning sticks when students PRACTICE. Quiz, Survey, and Poll your students to find out what’s missing and what they’ve mastered.

Bring the scientific method to your lectures with question-based experiments

Test students’ biases, the anchoring effect, and other fascinating behavioral anomalies with our pre-built question-based experiments. Or if you have a hypothesis, build your own!

Manage Attendance & sync the Gradebook to your LMS

Don’t let class management hold you back from student engagement. Easily and security take attendance, and sync class participation and grades back to your LMS with one-click.

All for $15

per Student per Class

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