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MobLab Pricing Update

The last time I blogged about pricing was a few years ago. It’s easily one of my least favorite things to do at MobLab, but given its importance to us, our instructors, and students, I am compelled and excited to write on this topic again today.

At the start of 2015, we made a decision to go from free, to a paid pricing model in order to give the company a path toward economic sustainability. We thought long and hard on maintaining a healthy balance between our commitment to keep the cost low to students and continuing to invest in our content and technology. Since then, with the much-needed revenue stream and support from our investors, we have expanded our game portfolio to well over 70 games, covering a wide range of social and economic topics. To help gauge student understanding of key learning objectives, both before and after game activities, we added a simple, yet flexible, survey feature, which has also propelled the MobLab platform into a one-stop solution for classroom interactivity.  To lower the adoption barrier for instructors and help students quickly grasp the game mechanics, we have developed a wealth of content, including instructor manuals, tutorial videos, student guides, experiment and game debriefing slides, and more.

And still, product development is only one facet where we’ve excelled. We continue to deepen our efforts in customer success, let it be through video conferencing, data analytics, or classroom visits. Our small but dedicated business team, myself included, has visited hundreds of campuses and worked with countless instructors and students to make sure that they are well-prepared for class and can get the most out of teaching and learning with MobLab.

However, while we have kept the price to our schools the same over the past four years, the cost of doing business has increased substantially. The new price is a truthful reflection of the collective hard work of the team, and our continued dedication, passion and commitment to improve the social science pedagogy for tens of millions of students around the world.

We didn't make this decision alone - thank you to our loyal instructors who took the time to give feedback on how this price increase would affect our schools and students. It wasn't an easy decision for our team, but everyone recognized the necessity of a price increase. Given the aforementioned circumstances, MobLab will move to a price of $25 per student per semester starting in Fall 2019.

Importantly, this price change will provide us with the added capacity to serve our customers and deliver a world-class product. We will develop new games, content, and continue to provide new functionality through interactive classroom surveys, better LMS integration and instructor resources. All this while growing a passionate MobLab team.

I feel tremendously grateful for my job at MobLab, the team I get to work with, our instructors and students that we have the privilege of serving. Thank you! Many of you have been with us since day one. We are committed more than ever to continue our journey in bringing experiments and the scientific method to the classroom.

Thank you.

Published 15 Mar 2019